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Green Area

This area includes the land owned by the company (Type A land) and its long-term suppliers, those with contracts lasting two or more years (Type B land). Spot purchases fall outside of the scope.
It is divided into three sections that cover pre-planting, established vineyards, and implementation and monitoring. For companies that enter the system for the first time or are already certified, the pre-planting section will be evaluated beginning in the second certification cycle. As such, when the audit for that cycle is conducted, the company must have all supporting documents for vineyards planted over a two-year period starting from the day the first certification was obtained through the day before the recertification audit. The established vineyards and implementation and monitoring sections apply to the entire vineyard surface dating back to the first certification.


  • This section only applies to plantations in new productive areas except in cases of replanting and/or removal followed by planting, in which sub-section 1.3 Plant Material for Plantation will be assessed.
  • Grafted vineyards are not considered pre-planting.

As a compliance requirement, the companies will be asked to include the following percentages of surface area depending on the certification cycle:

In the case of companies that do not have type A fields (their own), they may be submitted in the same way to the certification, but they must include the following percentages of supplier fields: