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The standard is composed of four areas: Green, Red, Orange and Purple. Each area contains specific modules and sections that are outlined below:


Beginning January 1, 2013, the evaluation of the Sustainability Code applies to the three areas (Green, Red and Orange). However, independent grape producers and wine production and bottling units also may be certified individually by meeting the Green and Red Area requirements, respectively. When these entities join the supply chain of primary material or services of a certified winery or in the certification process, they must be considered in the scope of the Orange Area, specifically in regard to the relationship that the winery must have with its suppliers.

The wineries must meet the Code requirements for at least three months of implementation prior to the certification of the Code.

It is possible to use the “Not Applicable” option for some non-critical requirements in very well-justified cases. Any request must be submitted in advance to Vinos de Chile along with the certification application.


A general review of the Sustainability Code will be conducted every two years by the Standards Committee through the coordination of the technical unit. However, it will be possible to consider specific changes to the Code in a very exceptional manner at the request of wine companies or a member of the Standards or Superior Code Committees. The proposals must be technically well-founded and will be reviewed and assessed.